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OptiMum Renewal Package is our signature fourteen-day program for new moms with busy careers, babies and/or toddlers. We help you make sense of life again so that you can become a more revitalized, focused and refreshed you.

“Wellbeing and rejuvenation are simple when you have the right tools.” – Candace Foy

The OptiMum Renewal Coaching program for new moms includes practical information on how to more easily live life day to day with babies and toddlers. Juggling being a mum, homelife and a business can be challenging – and I can relate. 

Some of the topics I may cover in this coaching program include:

  • stress management + sleep quality
  • morning + evening routines
  • easy exercise tips
  • digestion + gut health


  • child developmental milestones
  • how to read labels
  • grocery shopping 101
  • meal planning

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Our programs are designed to help you reach your OptiMum potential as a woman.

An OptiMum is a mom who has found her inner power through prayer, guidance, partnership, community, and most importantly accountability. While motherhood is beautiful, it is a full-time challenge for us to not lose who we are in the midst of taking on the responsibility to shape and mold others.

  • That it’s vital for God to be at the core of her identity.
  • Who she is as a woman outside of being a mom.
  • Her purpose in life and community.
  • How to rejuvenate so that she is able to empower others.
  • Her role in shaping her children so that she doesn’t burn out.



“Being a mum is what you do. It’s not meant to be the totality of who you are.” ~ Candace Foy

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