The OptiMum Rejuvination Program is our signature four-week program for every mom struggling with digestive health. We help you Reclaim your inner power, secure your future health and defuse the worry of parenting!

“Wellbeing and rejuvenation are simple when you have the right tools.” – Candace Foy

The OptiMum Rejuvenation Coaching program is for any mom experiencing health issues such as digestive disorders. A healthy lifestyle looks holistically at relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality as key facets with regards to the importance of your health, as well as looking at the food you eat as fuel for your body. Mums who are struggling with digestive disorders, acne, stress, autoimmune symptoms, and cognitive dysfunction such as brain fog will find great benefit from this 4-week program.

Some of the topics I may cover in this coaching program include:

  • healthy relationship strategies
  • stress management + sleep quality
  • morning + evening routines
  • exercise programs that are fun with kids
  • decluttering the home + kitchen
  • healthy travel habits
  • digestion + gut health


    • detox your home and your body
    • how to read labels
    • grocery shopping 101
    • meal planning
    • Special Needs Families

    • Single Mums

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    Our programs are designed to help you reach your OptiMum potential as a woman.

    An OptiMum is a mom who has found her inner power through prayer, guidance, partnership, community, and most importantly accountability. While motherhood is beautiful, it is a full-time challenge for us to not lose who we are in the midst of taking on the responsibility to shape and mold others.

    • Kickstart your health journey.
    • Learn to read food labels for sneaky ingredients.
    • Go grocery shopping for stellar health.
    • Meal plan for your success.
    • Cook quick, simple and nutritious meals for your family.
    • Learn about gut health and brain function
    • Creative fun fine and gross motor ideas for optimal development for your kids!



    “Being a mum is what you do. It’s not meant to be the totality of who you are.” ~ Candace Foy

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