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Hey Beautiful!

Find your voice. Regain your time. Renew your spirit. And live a happier and more wholesome life by making an IMPACT on those who matter most… your family.

Learn all about…

Hey Beautiful!

Find your voice. Regain your time. Renew your spirit. And live a happier and more wholesome life by making an IMPACT on those who matter most… your family.

Our programs are designed to help you reach your OptiMum potential as a woman.

My focus is to help you…


“What if a healthy life didn’t have to be so complicated!” ~  Candace Foy

I struggled to maintain...

Life as it was back in 2013 was messy. Days filled with erratic sleep, feeling lethargic, limiting joint pain, hormonal and mood swings. I remember I’d look in the mirror and all I’d see was puffiness and the extra 20 kg that was really slowing me down. I even moved countries early 2014 and had hoped that would make a difference. But one day, sitting on the beach, despite trying gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar free, no red meat and eating organic – nothing was different. I wanted it to be different – I really, really wanted it to be different as I wanted to play on the beach with my kids, to dance in the kitchen with my hubby, to go for a bike ride or a hike with my family without paying for it for days. So I went looking for answers. I went looking for education rather than leaving it to the medical profession to have the answers, as they were offering no solutions despite multiple tests.

Have you ever been frustrated with having questions but not being able to get the answers? I met a very kind pharmacist who had dedicated his career to understanding nutrition for the body and the brain. I started asking questions to understand more on how I could help myself get back to feeling like me again.


And then I found the key...

Life in February 2014, started a shift for me. Yes, life was stressed, Yes, my body had become toxic. Yes, there were choices I’d made that had consequences that led to me feeling 60 when I was only turning 40. Yes, I had thought I had all the answers to figure out my health issues – but when nothing had changed I realized that I was missing a few key things in my life that my body, and mind desperately needed for me to feel like me again. 

There was a key combination that was missing for my health… missing essential nutritional building blocks had become the foundational issue for me, despite eating organic, paleo and gluten free diet. As I ventured down this path of nutritional discovery, researching along the way I was astonished to learn more of the behind the scenes in how stress was affecting my health and how to deal with it going forward. I learned, I adjusted, I observed and I rejoiced!

Fast forward to the end of 2018 and I continue to feel better than I did in my 30’s! I truly didn’t believe it was possible, I had to see it AND feel it to believe it myself. I’ve been walking the journey and assisting mums 20-68 years old with these similar health concerns, over the past 4 years.  Tt’s been like having a front row seat to watching miracles unfold daily! I’m super excited to now take my programs online and offer support to mums like yourself that live around the globe! 

“I was able to heal my body from the inside out and was finally able to start living the life I’d always dreamed to live as a mum!” ~ Candace Foy

Love & Marriage

 How does that cute little song we sang as little girls go? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Sally pushing a baby carriage! Well, as we don’t live in a storybook, we all know that life happens and it doesn’t often look like what we thought it would. I’ve learned that the importance of communication in any relationship cannot be overemphasized. Do we really listen to understand or are we just listening to respond? I’ve learned – often the hard way- the many pitfalls of life and love and marriage. So much more than love at first glance or dreams of happily ever after… yes relationships and marriage take work, but I’ve also learned first hand the rewards of intuitively investing in your partner and in your relationship. It truly starts with looking in the mirror beautiful one. You cannot pour from an empty cup, and looking for anyone else to fulfil you or satisfy those longings in your heart to feel loved and beautiful starts with knowing who you are and who’s you are. You are created for greatness and called to live a life that is abundantly full. Peace and happiness come from within – not from anyone or anything else… join me to unpack more!

Having It All

As a little girl, I was one of those that played with my little dolls, and read them stories and changed their cute little clothes multiple times a day. I was babysitting my neighbour’s littles by the time I was 10 years old and then I grew up to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. But, I can honestly say nothing could prepare me for that moment I first found out that I was pregnant! That I was a mum! I’ve spent the last 19 years growing in my understanding of what this role truly entails… the most challenging but most rewarding role I could’ve ever dreamed of. Often I have quipped ‘where’s the owner’s manual’ in jest as I came across yet another uncharted territory to navigate. I am honoured to be able to speak into the lives of mums around me along the way… it’s not about having all the answers, but about a supportive community, an ear willing to listen and a heart open to the possiblity that you won’t get it right all the time. But there is grace as you and your child learn along the way together. I can’t wait for you to join me as we unpack some of my favourite secrets I’ve learned along the way!


What would it mean for you and your family to feel energetic, kind hearted and have a sense of joy?

That feeling when you all wake up in the morning and everyone is just ‘on’. No Niggling, nitpicking, being tired and cranky, sitting around on devices because they are just not well or not recovering from sport or their school load.

What if you could feel confident sitting around the dinner table, knowing that your family is getting the nutrition it needs?

What would you be noticing if you and your family felt better?

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