Hey Beautiful!
Find your voice. Regain your time. Renew your spirit. And live a happier and more wholesome life by making an IMPACT on those who matter most… your family.

“Wellbeing and rejuvenation are simple when you have the right tools.” – Candace Foy

Hey Beautiful!

My name is Candace Foy. I’m a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to two beautiful children. By day, for the past 20 years I have worked as a licensed Pediatric Physical Therapist. Having done face to face for the last 2 decades, I have launched online professional support offering my services inline with my passion as a Wellbeing & Renewal Coach for busy mums, just like me.

Let me allow you to take a moment to dream for a moment… of your ideal day. Thinking back to before you held your little bundle of joy in your arms for the first time and all the incredible images that come to mind. Is this your reality today?  I help transform mums from being overwhelmedbusy, stressed out and drained into vibrant, joyful, happy women who are now eating better, sleeping better, loving deeper and enjoying everything God has for them.

Motherhood doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right tools. If you are reading this right now, believe me when I say I’ve done this journey of being a mum for over 19 years and I am honoured to take you step by step along a journey to what you imagined life as a mum could be. Rewarding. Fulfilling. A peace-filled happy home where you and your children can thrive, not just survive.

Are you ready to experience some relief? I’m excited to have a conversation with you soon! I’m offering for a limited time a FREE 30-minute OptiMum Transformation Session where we’ll set goals together and I’ll share with you my favourite tips to a balanced day!


Our programs are designed to help you reach your OptiMum potential as a woman.

1. A mum who is  EMPOWERED to care for herself first so to guide and then inspire those she loves to fulfill their destiny.

2. A mum who is EDUCATED to make the best use of her time and energy, making burn-out become a thing of the past.

3. A mum who is REJUVENATED with strategies to tackle motherhood while blossoming into herself.

Get  Candace’s signature program to learn how to create an environment to nourish your family, to optimize your immune systems and create a fun space to build a positive relationship with your kids and with food. Step by step program to eat healthy snacks and quick, nutritious meals, along with a holistic approach to health families.

Feel your best inside and out with fast tips and tricks from Candace. Establishing a self-care routine and learning the secrets to aging smarter, to sleep better along with how to implement a healthy, sustainable lifestyle to benefit your health and happiness first and foremost!

Learn how to go from burned out mum to bombshell beauty with advice from Candace. Beauty comes from within and this program  puts you back into the driver’s seat of your life to look and feel like your glowing self again!

An OptiMum is a mum who has found her inner power through prayer, guidance, partnership, community, and most importantly accountability. While motherhood is beautiful, it is a full-time challenge for us to not lose who we are in the midst of taking on the responsibility to shape and mold others. If you are ready to make your health and life all you hoped it to be – you are exactly where you are meant to be reading this right now.

  • That it is time to let go of excuses and release herself from the expectation of perfection.
  • That the core of her identity is not in what she does, but in who she is created to be.
  • Her purpose in life and the community around her.
  • How to rejuvenate & refresh so that she is able to empower others.
  • Her role in shaping her children so that she doesn’t burn out.
  • Small steps are also progress and to enjoy the journey.
  • That looking after her own health is a priority that is key to her family’s health.
  • She was not called to be average, but is created for greatness.



“Being a mum is what you do. It’s not meant to be the totality of who you are.” ~ Candace Foy

Want more? Book your FREE 30 minute OptiMum Transformation Call with coach Candace Foy today! Learn how to get unstuck and on track with your wellbeing and renewal without stressing and struggling on your own. You are not meant to go this alone beautiful one... I can't wait to meet you!



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